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Apple produces high-quality and expensive products, and their technologies are quite different from competitive ones. Therefore, Apple gadgets require a slightly different approach than similar devices from other manufacturers. In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions regarding charging your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, as well as give recommendations to help you keep your Macbook battery in the best condition.

The most important criteria for each portable device are battery life, battery life, and charging speed. Of course, Apple products – one of the most reliable, but improper or careless operation will reduce its service life. Let’s see how to increase and extend for the maximum time the efficiency of the battery.

Macbook Charging: Basic Rules

When you turn on the laptop for the first time, Apple experts recommend not disconnecting it from the network until the configuration process is completed, since this process requires more energy than normal operation. Charge rate should reach 100%.

With daily work, it is recommended to work on the battery for several hours, and then recharge the MacBook from the network.

If you prefer to keep your laptop connected to the network at all times, then use one more expert advice: once a month, completely discharge the device. Such a monthly cycle of discharge and charging will prolong its service life.

Battery life extension

We remember important information: a Macbook battery is designed for an average of 1000 cycles. Maximum performance lasts about 500–700 cycles, after which it wears out, which leads to a decrease in the operating time from it. A run up to 200 cycles is a lot, so let’s see what needs to be done so that the gadget will serve as long as possible.

Sudden temperature changes adversely affect the properties of the battery. Try to keep the laptop as much time as possible at room temperature.

If you do not plan to use a laptop for some time (for example, if you are going on vacation), you should increase the charge rate to 50% – these are optimal conditions for maintaining battery capacity. Leaving the device fully charged is not worth it: it negatively affects the battery, and a gadget that has been left off for a long time may not turn on at all.

Battery MacBook does not like downtime, it works much more efficiently with regular use.

To increase the notebook’s idle time, use the Energy Saving panel in the System Settings program.

MacBook Pro has a handy setting for “Slightly dim the screen when powered by battery”, which reduces the screen brightness to 75% – use it.

It is recommended to maintain a level of brightness of the display that will be minimally comfortable for you. The lower the brightness, the longer the battery will last.

We charge the MacBook without charging

As we have said, Apple technology is significantly different from its counterparts in many respects. This also applies to laptop chargers: they have a completely different connector and power than other notebooks. Hence the question: how to charge your MacBook, if you do not have a branded charger on hand?

There are several ways to charge this. Consider the main.

Method 1. Dangerous

Precisely because it is dangerous and, with the intervention of an inexperienced user, simply “kills” the battery, we will not dwell on it in detail. It lies in the fact that you need to connect the battery contacts with non-branded wires. If you are a specialist in electronics repair, this method will suit you, we do not advise others to conduct such experiments. Curious can watch a video on this topic on YouTube.

Method 2. Secure

For him, we need Battery Box, a portable external rechargeable battery for Apple products with a capacity of 50 W · h. With it in the kit there is a branded MagSafe cord with the necessary connector. With this device you can charge your laptop without charging and even without access to a power outlet.

BatteryBox performance:

  • MacBook Pro – 6 hours of work,
  • MacBook Air – 12 hours of work.

BatteryBox weighs 300 grams, looks almost like an Apple charger, charges using MicroUSB and is designed for 3000 cycles – that is, at least 3 times more than a laptop battery. Charging time – about 9 hours.

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