How to maximize your MacBook battery life?

The battery life of your MacBook is completely dependent on what kind of work the device does. But, small sacrifices can pay off with a long device operation time.

Decrease screen brightness MacBook

Apple’s Retina display is quite responsive and bright even at low brightness settings. In most cases, you can turn off the brightness settings.

Go to System Settings> Displays. On the “Screen” tab, move the “Brightness” slider to the left and uncheck the “Automatic brightness adjustment” checkbox.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

If what you are doing does not require Bluetooth and / or Wi-Fi, turn them off. These two can eat a big chunk of your battery charge. Ask yourself: “Do I really need to connect to Wi-Fi, if everything I do is working on a spreadsheet?” Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use.

To turn off Bluetooth, go to System Settings> Bluetooth, then select Turn Off Bluetooth.

To turn off Wi-Fi, go to System Settings> Network and select Turn Wi-Fi Off.

Disable Peripherals

A connected USB device, or any other conforming device, consumes a significant amount of a MacBook battery. Always unplug any peripheral devices in order to maintain and extend the battery life of the laptop.

Turn off the keyboard backlight

This is very convenient in certain situations, but you really need a backlight, perhaps, only in dim lighting. Turning off the backlight will prolong the running time of your MacBook.

Invert colors

Designed for people with low vision, this option saves the MacBook battery. The function inverts colors. For example, black will turn white and white will turn black. All so that people with poor eyesight get high contrast. Plus it helps to get more from your Mac’s battery.

Disable geolocation

Specific macOS applications use the geolocation feature, which greatly affects the battery level. In most cases, it can be waived. To remove this load from your Mac’s battery, turn off geolocation or do it in certain applications. To take an action, follow this chain: System Settings> Security and Privacy> go to the Privacy tab> Location Services.

Close background apps

The best way to remove applications that can slow down and drain your Mac’s battery is to optimize your Mac CleanMyMac 3. Follow these simple steps:

  • download CleanMyMac 3 for free;
  • install CleanMyMac 3;
  • go to the “Uninstaller” tab and uninstall applications that you don’t need.

More tips

macOS will tell you which applications are using significant power. Just look at the Battery menu. Click Battery in the menu bar and select the Apps Using Significant Energy check box. Safari is the culprit in the example above. Eliminate “hungry” applications and use an alternative with low power consumption.

You can also get more information about energy use with the Activity Monitor.

Launch the Activity Monitor application.

Click the Energy tab and the Energy Impact heading to view applications and processes that absorb a lot of energy.

Check Power Saving Settings: open System Preferences, and then select Power Saving.

Do everything as in the screenshot.

A plus. Try to avoid extreme operating temperatures. The ideal temperature is between 16 and 22  C.

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