MacClean – free solution for cleaning your MacBook

After acquiring a MacBook or another Apple computer, you need to do at least two things: wipe the stained screen with a cloth (unless, of course, not a Mac Pro or Mac mini) and clean the computer from garbage, temporary files and unused applications. On the Web, you can find several solutions for such purposes, but they are either paid or do not work quite correctly. Today we will tell you about a cool free alternative – MacClean.

The application has a simple and convenient interface that did not affect its functionality – it cleans everything unnecessary from the operating system at your request and even deals with removing and searching for duplicates, permanently cleaning files, uninstalling applications and many others. Just click Start Scan and start scanning.

You can see how much this or that kind of “garbage” takes, so that you can quickly remove it.

Free up two gigabytes. Not bad, considering I clean my Mac every morning.

If simple cleaning is not enough for you, use additional tools. We already said about duplicate search, there is also the cleaning of “trash” in iPhoto, an extension manager, an assistant in cleaning the trash.

The duplicate helper works very well – try it, there will definitely be a couple of duplicate files on your Mac.

Uninstaller helps determine which applications you use the least to determine candidates for removal. You can remove programs directly in MacClean.

For confidential files and permanent deletion of documents, the File Eraser tool is suitable – you can make it so that there is not a single trace of the file. Conspiracy lovers will appreciate.

It’s amazing that such a cool Mac cleaning tool is distributed absolutely free, it is very good. Download MacClean at the link below, and get acquainted with other developer applications on the official website.

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